Do Bad Habits Impact Your Financial Health?

Humans are made for doing something great about life. There is a need to add value in self and others life throughout which makes your life memorable.

There are many things and choices which are constructive and destructive. The destructive ones are called bad habits. It is since from your childhood you are hearing that there are few things you should not do because they are not good and as you grow older, by different sources you gather enough information on why specific habits are called as bad habits? As you know these habits waste your energy as well as have very bad effects on your health and on relationships. But I would like to bring one thing to your notice that it does have a bigger impact on your financial health as well.

Do Bad Habits Impact Your Financial Health


Not only the rural & uneducated population but the urban & well-educated population is also affected with it. Now a day in urban areas these habits are glorified by people who blindly following western culture.

I would like to narrate few of the bad habits.

#1 : Tobacco:

This is a substance which is available in different forms like snuff, Cigarettes, Cigar, Hookah, Bidi, Gutkha, Zarda Pan, Chewing tobacco, Tooth paste  etc. The different products of tobacco in India and how it affects pl visit to as per the global adult tobacco survey (GATS) 2009-10, 36.8% adults use tobacco in India.

So this is a habit which covers the entire population and available and accessible for each class of the society. The cost of the products

Vary from few rupees to thousands depending on the product and the other facilities available with it. The danger of this habit is addiction and once you are addict to tobacco you may have to consume it daily or hourly also.

This habit also increase your chance to fall prey to Lungs cancer, asthma, TB and many such critical illness.

Considering your age @30 and life expectancy of 80 with expenses growing at the rate of 7% per year. Rs.10 spends per day make you to lose opportunity cost approx. Rs. 2.04 cr. @12% in lifetime.

#2 Alcohol:

This also comes in many forms like beer, Wine, Spirit etc., almost 6.25 crores individuals consumes alcohol in India. The consumption of alcohol also leads in to disturbed family life. Alcoholism is also a major contributor in life threatening accidents.

Alcohol addiction increases chances of Liver cirrhosis, BP, Heart attacks etc.

Considering your age @30 and life expectancy of 80 with expenses growing at the rate of 7% per year. A Rs. 500 spend per week will cost a lost opportunity of approx. Rs. 13.64 cr in lifetime.

#3  Junk foods : 

Now a days eating at  junk food outlets are very popular for time pass activities and are easily available everywhere with bombarding adv. on electronic media with lot of attraction of toys and special discounts.


Indian Junk food like Pani Puri, Bhel,Patice,Kacchi dhabheli etc… With Pizzas and Burgers in western style. You will get either at every corner of your city.

The attraction towards junk food is from toddlers to adults, with lot of spices.

This leads to improper digestion, acidity problems and obesity which make you prone to critical illness like Heart attacks, Diabetes etc.

With consideration of your age @30 and life expectancy of age 80 and expenses growing at the rate of 7% per year.

A Rs. 500 spend per week will make you lose approx.Rs.13.64 cr in lifetime.

And A Rs.100 spend per day will make you lose approx. Rs. 20.40 cr. in lifetime.

#4 Buying latest gazettes : 

Many people like to own and show the latest gazettes, any thing new comes in the market in that specific category they would like to have it. Mostly with electronic items like mobile phones.

Now a day because of technology development the latest model becomes old very fast and if you want to be with latest then have to change it very fast, as fast as 3 months. This has very bad effect on your finances as the the latest model you buy will cost you high and when you sell it after few months may not fetch you not even 50% of buying cost, this has a bad effect in future and the bad part of it is happiness of having latest is very short term.

Rs. 10,000/- spend on such changes per quarter for next 20 years will cost you approx. Rs.50.88 lac. This is calculated in consideration of opportunity loss of 12% with rise in cost by 7% per year.

#5 Ordering more than requirement in hotels: 

This will not only waste your money but also waste the resources for others. At the time of ordering items at hotels always plan first how much you can consume. There are some countries as well as few restaurants in India which charge you for wasting food.

Save your money and the resources for other always keep in mind that there are few people in our country who do not get the food.

These all bad habits will make you poor every time you spend money on them, apart from this you will have a highest chance of critical illness which will cost Rs. 1,49,00,000/- @ age 60 if you are 30 today considering 12% growth in medical expenses of Rs. 5,00,000/- today.

One more alarming thing for you – With increasing life expectancy and medical advancement in India you may have to survive longer with lot of problem and illness if you do not quit the bad habits.

So better quit it today save your money, reduce the risk of critical illness. Live longer Healthy and Wealthy.

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