Welcome to FPGIndia

Greetings to you!

Welcome to the world of Professional Financial Planners… where Financial Planning is sacred, knowledge is our life force and integrity is our religion. The Financial Planners’ Guild, India (FPGI) has come into existence with the express mission of spreading Financial Planning awareness among the public.  As practicing Financial Planners, we keep noticing that Financial Planning has been used by all and sundry, to suit their personal ends. That leaves the audience confused.

We would be conducting workshops and writing in blog & media to spread knowledge & light, in this area.  We have no agenda – we are not selling products, we are not aligned to any company & promoting their products. That and the fact that we are professionals who have the necessary qualifications on Financial Planning, should be enough assurance. All members are practicing Financial Planners & would be CFP Certificants or would have passed all exams and are awaiting certification.

It is a small band right now. We are focusing on getting it right, rather than scale. We are focusing on upgrading ourselves, by regular internally directed trainings. We are focused on bettering ourselves to enable us to service our clients better… that way, we will also be able to do our job of  spreading awareness in a far more convincing and meaningful way.

Knowledge is supreme.  Combining it with ethics and adding our commitment to spreading awareness, you have The Financial Planners’ Guild, India.   That’s what our slogan says – Professionalism. Commitment. Ethics. You now know why we say that!